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Get Notified When Someone Posts An Article From Your Domain on Hacker News Using Node.js, Firebase and Twilio

Last October Hacker News launched their official API and I’ve been trying to find an excuse to play with it ever since. The idea finally…Full Article

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Kenneth Reitz: Ditching The Diploma, Pursuing Inspiration In Programming

I’ll give you a starting point and an end point and leave you to fill in the middle. Kenneth Reitz’s dad is a programmer. At…Full Article


Announcing Video

Today, we announced Video. Developers can now create fundamentally better experiences by embedding live peer-to-peer video into mobile and web applications. Video is much more…Full Article

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Eric Ries: On The Internet, No One Knows You’re A Dog

The way Eric Ries got his first break in programming is a classic story of supply and demand, with a few sizable white lies tossed in…Full Article


Build an SMS queueing system using Azure and 100 lines of code

At Twilio we love to help out events by partnering with them to build apps that let the organizers and attendees communicate better. This year,…Full Article

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Blooming Late, Blooming Big: Mike McGarr Makes A Career In Continuous Integration

Shortly after earning a history degree, Mike McGarr knew he wouldn’t really use it. To put it more accurately, he wouldn’t truly use his liberal…Full Article


Building Developer Tools For Developers: Scout Goes Open Source on Server Side Monitoring

Andre Lewis has a mission for his company, Scout: “We’re trying to make ugly things easy and beautiful.” If you’ve answered obnoxious blare of a…Full Article


Sonar Adds To Its Customer Communication Toolbelt With Twilio SMS

Mayvenn’s first attempt at a customer communication platform wasn’t, shall we say, sophisticated. But, it was necessary. Mayvenn helps salons and stylists sell hair products…Full Article


Fresno Unified School District Combines Report Cards, Attendance Sheets and More Into A Text

If you throw a tangled bit of prose at Fresno Unified School District’s teachers, they’ll grab it and unpack it into a digestible lesson for…Full Article