The Prime Minister of Estonia Visits Twilio HQ to Roll Out E-Residency Program

Today, the Prime Minister of Estonia, Taavi Rõivas, made the 5,500 mile trek from Estonia to visit Twilio HQ. While Estonia might seem like a…Full Article logo

The Non-Coder’s Guide For Running the Rapid Response Kit

Twilio’s Rapid Response Kit (RRK) is a web application with a suite of tools that can be used for mass communication. For example, in the…Full Article

Introducing Secondary Auth Tokens: Get A Backup Auth Token With Zero Downtime

We take data privacy seriously at Twilio. Keeping your data confidential means investing in the integrity of our internal systems and giving you a cloud…Full Article

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Forest Fires, Fax Machines and 40 Billion Dollars: WRI Stomps Out Illegal Forest Fires with Twilio, NASA, and Blue Raster

Forest fires are burning in Singapore and Indonesia. Here in San Francisco, news about the fires is contained to climate change blogs and a few…Full Article


Short Codes, Big Lessons: Make The Most Of Your Short Code

Don’t let these shorter 5 – 6 digit numbers fool you — our customers have shown us that short codes can do big things! Since…Full Article


Introducing the Address API – International calling for your applications at your fingertips.

Your business is growing by leaps and bounds. As you’ve expanded your service internationally you’ve been careful to think about the experience that you provide…Full Article

Introducing Mexico Mobile Numbers and a New Addresses API

Using Twilio, you can already make calls and send messages anywhere in the world, as well as buy local phone numbers in nearly 50 countries.…Full Article

Twilio Client iOS Update Delivers Call Quality Improvements and More

Today, we’re happy to announce that v1.2 of our Twilio Client iOS SDK is now available to all. If you’re not familiar with the product,…Full Article


Twilio Client for Xamarin – Part 3: Android

In Part Two of this series we showed how it was possible to create a gigantic phone out of an iPad using Xamarin.iOS and Twilio…Full Article