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Brian Fountain Wins Twilio Prize at NYC Game Hack Day

We met Brian Fountain at NYC Game Hack Day where he built uChoos, a phone-based ‘choose your own adventure’ game which won him the $250…Full Article

Josh Cuppett Wins Our Fun & Games Developer Contest

Josh took our phone menu sample code and supercharged it with 1.21 jigawatts of fun to create an RPG that transports you back in time…Full Article

Fun and Games

I got an e-mail from some friends that showed off a phone in game they built at their company’s internal hackathon and I just knew…Full Article

Geoffrey Shea Wins the Twilio Developer Contest with Play: The Hertzian Collective

Congratulations to Geoffrey Shea, creator of Play: The Hertzian Collective, a musical sound game/toy created with projected video images and played collectively by viewers on…Full Article

Improve Your Memory with Simolio – Steve Castle Wins a Netbook!

Twilio’s usefulness in the business context is simple: save money on the core telephony activities you engage in for business every day with a Twilio-powered…Full Article