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Alexis Ohanian: Making The World Suck Less With A Book And Twilio SMS

Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, has one simple goal: make the world suck less. He believes the internet can help anyone and everyone accomplish this goal.…Full Article

Bike Sharing With Twilio

Wheels In Motion: Zagster Unlocks Bike Sharing With Twilio

Riding a bike is simple. Launching a bike sharing company is not. In 2007, Zagster CEO, Timothy Ericson (pictured right) founded a company to make…Full Article


Surf’s Up: Get Surfing Forecasts via SMS

At Twilio HQ in San Francisco, “summer” is in full swing. Yes, it’s October. But, our October is everywhere else’s July. And for those Bay…Full Article


Skipping iPhone Lines Via Text With Twilio SMS

Golden iPhones make people do crazy things. When Apple announced the iPhone 5C, some people stood in line for over a week. Others hired people…Full Article


Bringing Light Bulbs To Life With Twilio SMS

On my way back to London, I recently bought myself a Philips Hue. These are wirelessly controlled light bulbs that allow you to control both…Full Article


From Sticky Notes To SMS: 7Shifts Organizes Employee Scheduling

Maybe old notebooks and scraps of paper aren’t the best “platforms” for managing your employee schedules. Jordan Boesch (pictured right), founder of online scheduling service,…Full Article

Twilio Security

4 Best Practices For Securing Your Twilio App

You probably hear a lot about security, and you may have even put a great deal of time and thought into securing your Twilio app.…Full Article

Jon Gottfried

Part Three: Verify Phone Numbers With Node.js Using Twilio SMS, Express and Socket.io

Every problem you solve as a web application developer requires a very particular set of tools. Tools that have been acquired over a very long…Full Article

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Votr Part 4: AngularJS and Authentication with CouchDB

This is the fourth part in a series of blog posts about building a real-time SMS and voice voting application using Node.js. In part one,…Full Article