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Phone Numbers API

Search our extensive inventory for your dream phone number and buy it on the spot using either our API or account portal. When you purchase a number it is immediately ready to make and receive phone calls. So what are you waiting for?


Convert Text to Speech and Play Audio

No humans required: your app can talk to callers. Use Twilio’s text to speech to read arbitrary text to your caller. If you have pre-recorded voice prompts or music, just give us the link and we play the file as well as cache it for instant playback later.


Usage metering & API triggers

Find out exactly how many call-minutes or SMS messages your app has sent or received with a single API call. Configure our cloud to trigger your application when your usage reaches key thresholds. No cron jobs or database required.

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Record Calls and Store Them

Need to save that call for later? Have your app record entire phone calls or prompt a caller to leave a voicemail. Your recordings are stored encrypted on-disk so just leave them with us and grab them whenever you need.


Create Conferences

Create conference calls on the fly with only one line of code. Launch as many simultaneous conferences as you need and have up to 40 people in any single conference. Select a moderator, chose your hold music, and away you go.


API Queueing

Don’t worry about making phone calls too quickly. We’ll queue up your calls, if necessary, and make sure that each gets made. Twilio makes it easy for your application to operate at scale without you writing any extra code.


Call Queues

Our built-in queues make it a breeze to manage and route large volumes of inbound phone calls. Place callers in a custom hold pattern as they wait for an agent. Get real-time stats on the number of calls per queue and wait times.

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Convert Speech to Text

Automatically turn audio recordings into text. Twilio can transcribe an audio recording into words so that you can display call summaries to users, mine calls for keywords, or build a rich voicemail system of the future.


Status Callbacks and Logs

We let your app know when a call is ringing, answered, and when the caller has hung up. Use these statuses to drive dashboards or dynamic application logic. Once the call is over, we keep the call records accessible via API so that can generate reports as you need.


Global Reach

Twilio is connected to carriers all over the world so you can make phones ring wherever your users are. There is no need to maintain multiple carrier relationships and to get global coverage. Just use our API to make phone calls and buy phone numbers where your business needs.

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