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To reinvigorate the Sprint brand, Goodby Silverstein & Partners turned to Twilio and built an ad campaign around connecting with the people around you. Starting with Veatrice, a woman who was turning 100 years old - to celebrate, users were encouraged to leave voicemails and send SMS to Veatrice wishing her a happy 100.

Putting the magic back in advertising

Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GSP) is an advertising agency specializing in creative digital, print, broadcast and integrated media planning. GSP supports campaigns for a number of high profile clients including Chevrolet, Hewlett-Packard, Frito-Lay, Sprint, Yahoo!, Netflix, and others. The agency has received numerous awards for many of these campaigns, including the famous "Got Milk?" campaign.

The Sprint tag-line of "All. Together. Now." was designed to promote the recurring idea that everyone can do more activities without the worry of increasing costs and dawdling speeds through their mobile devices and phone plans. GSP was tasked with implementing a mulit-faceted campaign across multiple mediums including TV, print, online and social-media to emphasize the message.

So how did GSP help get this message across? By encouraging folks to wish Veatrice Henson, a Missouri resident who was turning 100, a happy 100th birthday. The campaign encouraged users to call, text or email Veatrice.

Mia Ruiz-Escoto, Sr. Interactive Producer, was looking for a cost-effective voice and SMS solution that she could easily integrate into the campaign. She teamed up with her development vendor Grow Interactive, and quickly evaluated existing technologies. Ruiz-Escoto was looking a full voice and SMS support and easy integration with existing systems all rolled into a scalable, cost-effective solution.

Within a matter of two weeks, Mrs. Ruiz-Escoto and her team were able to integrate the necessary Twilio APIs within the rest of the technology stack that was going to support the Sprint campaign. The campaign resulted in over 256,000 calls and 265,000 text messages. GSP now leverages Twilio for more campaigns including the recent "Let's nickname Trevor Bayne," to let users suggest nicknames and vote on favorites for the rookie Daytona champion.

"Twilio's technology is now a strategic advantage for many of GSP\u2019s campaigns, and we look forward to deploying more Twilio powered solutions on behalf of our clients.", says Mia Ruiz-Escoto, Senior Interactive Producer at GSP.

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