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Twilio Client SDK for Android Quickstart

Generating Capability Tokens

To begin, you'll need to set up a server for sending out capability tokens. We've included a PHP sample file called auth.php that's in the server/ folder next to the Eclipse project that can create tokens. Note that this also makes use of Capability.php from the Twilio PHP helper library.

include "Services/Twilio/Capability.php";

// AccountSid and AuthToken can be found in your account dashboard
$authToken = "your_auth_token_here"; 

// The app outgoing connections will use:
$appSid = "APabe7650f654fc34655fc81ae71caa3ff"; 

// The client name for incoming connections:
$clientName = "monkey"; 

$capability = new Services_Twilio_Capability($accountSid, $authToken);

// This allows incoming connections as $clientName: 

// This allows outgoing connections to $appSid with the "From" 
// parameter being the value of $clientName 
$capability->allowClientOutgoing($appSid, array(), $clientName);

// This returns a token to use with Twilio based on 
// the account and capabilities defined above 
$token = $capability->generateToken();

echo $token;

Making a request to this file on a PHP server will output a string that, when given to a Device, grants it capabilities such as making outgoing calls or allowing incoming calls.

Note that the token generated is valid for 1 hour unless otherwise specified. To specify a different period of time, pass in the number of seconds as an integer parameter to generateToken() -- for example, for a token that expires after 5 minutes, call generateToken(300). The maximum allowed lifetime for a token is 24 hours.

To fetch the token, put the auth.php file and Twilio Helper Library PHP files on your server, and then modify the $accountSid and $authToken to be values from your Twilio account. To make sure it works, open a web browser and hit the URL (e.g. Assuming there aren't any issues, you should see a long string of text -- this is a capability token for the user named "monkey" to receive incoming and make outgoing calls.

Now let's walk through making an outgoing call to a phone number. This code can be run either in the Android Emulator or on your device.

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