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A more efficient way to dial.

Automatically dial new numbers in a list and increase agent productivity.

Maximize agent productivity.

Build a dialing machine with a few lines of code.

You write an app that automatically queues calls for your agents

When an agent logs in, calls start to automatically route to them

After the call ends, the agent is connected with the next user in the queue

Minimize dialing delays.

When you are calling through a list of phone numbers the time between calls can add up quickly. Just hanging up the phone and manually dialing the next number costs valuable time and money.

Predictive dialing minimizes these delays by automatically dialing new numbers on a list based on algorithms that take into account the average call time and number of agents. Also known as auto dialing, this approach can dramatically increase agent productivity.

Automate routine agent work

With Twilio, you can create a predictive dialing app using the web language of your choice. Benefits include unlimited campaigns, editable caller ID, call recording and call transcription. Archive the data in the cloud or an on-premises database, and access it at any time.

Faster calls. Seamless connections.

Whether you’re dialing up sales leads or registered voters, predictive dialing will increase the opportunities you have to get your message across.


Expert teleprospectors used to have a secret: never hang up the phone. Now, thanks to predictive dialing, everyone is an expert.


The best fundraisers try to spend as much time possible talking to prospective donors. Predictive dialing helps keep the focus on causes that matter.

Political campaigns

Successful candidates use volunteers to connect with more voters. By adopting predictive dialing, they make the most of precious volunteer time.

Leading companies rely on Twilio.

Dial. Connect. Repeat.

Go to market faster
Prototype in hours. Deploy in days

Go big
Automatically scale voice and SMS

Easy to use
Twilio works with any web language

Use simple, flexible tools
Leave the complexity of telecom to Twilio

Build on solid ground
Enjoy industry-leading uptime and security

Pay as you go
Transparent pricing. No contracts. No shenanigans.