Can Premium Support Be Pro-Rated?

Premium Support is billed on a per-month, flat rate basis. Upgrade this month, downgrade the next, or move back to the free plan. It’s that simple.

If you purchase Premium Support on the first day of the month, and elect to downgrade the next day, you will still pay for the full month. You will be entitled to your Premium Support for the entire month, even if you downgraded on the second day of the month. You do not pay a per-day rate for Premium Support.

On the other hand, if you decide to upgrade to a higher level of Premium Support during the month, we pro-rate the amount of credit you’ve used for the current month and apply the remaining balance of your original plan to the upgrade payment.

For example:

  • Let’s say you purchased the Premium Support Bootstrap plan on the first of the month for $200
  • You decide on the 15th of the month to upgrade to the Phone plan which costs $2500
  • Your initial $200 payment is pro-rated proportionally for the 15 days (50% of the month) you’ve already used the Bootstrap plan — $100 of your initial $200 payment is credited towards the new Phone plan
  • As a result, you will pay an additional $2400 for the Phone plan
  • Your renewal date will be reset to the upgrade date, and you will renew at the standard Phone plan price of $2500 on the 15th of the following month