Can I change the sender ID for sending SMS messages?

You can specify the From parameter to send messages from any SMS-enabled Twilio phone number in your account.  You can also modify the sender ID when replying to incoming SMS using any SMS-enabled Twilio number in your account.

Beyond this, it is not possible to customize the Sender ID for SMS messages sent from Twilio. There are several reasons why we don’t allow this:

  • Setting the sender ID to be a number other than a Twilio phone number you own dramatically increases the likelihood that a carrier perceives the message to be spam and “filters” the message. “Filtered” messages are not delivered by the carrier, but no indication is provided to the sender that the message hasn’t actually arrived and the sender is still billed for these messages.
  • Setting the sender ID to a value other than a Twilio phone number makes it impossible for users to respond with “STOP” if they no longer want to receive messages or wish to unsubscribe themselves. This can result in complaints being made directly to carriers or regulatory bodies and the suspension of the number.
  • Setting the sender ID to a value other than a phone number you own is not permitted in some of the countries where we do business.