Where can I buy a toll-free 800 number?

You can search for a toll-free number on the Buy Numbers page in your account portal using the “Advanced Search” option. While Twilio has a wide range of available toll-free numbers, we do not keep toll-free numbers with the 800 prefix in stock because the inventory is depleted and they are no longer openly available.

Luckily, there are several services where you can purchase toll-free numbers which Twilio does not have in stock and move them to Twilio for free. The services that are most commonly used by our customers are http://tollfreenumbers.com and http://www.800forall.com. If you’re purchasing a toll-free number from http://www.800forall.com, use the “Reserve and transfer to RespOrg” option and enter TWI01 as the RespOrg.

Porting a toll-free number

If you purchase a toll-free number from another service, you can port it to Twilio for free in a process that takes up to 3 weeks. You can start the porting process in the Porting Requests section of your account portal. In lieu of submitting a Letter of Authorization and invoice, you can simply submit the receipt from your purchase.