Can I send or receive MMS messages?

Yes, as long as your Twilio phone number is MMS-enabled. Currently we offer MMS-enabled Twilio long code phone numbers in Canada and MMS-enabled Twilio short codes in the US.

Sending picture messages in United States

At this time sending/receiving picture messages over Twilio US long codes is not supported. However, we do support sending picture messages between Twilio US short codes and US mobile numbers.

All Twilio short codes can also be used to send text messages. If you would like to add picture messaging capabilities to your new or existing short code this requires an additional one-time fee. Please see our FAQ on pricing for picture messaging over shortcodes for more information.

Sending picture messages in Canada

We support sending and receiving picture messages over MMS-enabled Canadian long code phone numbers. Read our phone numbers FAQ if you want to find out how to buy an MMS-enabled Twilio long code or check the capabilities of your existing phone numbers.

Sending picture messages in the rest of the world

At this time sending/receiving picture messages between Twilio numbers and international numbers is not supported.