What are the limits on outbound calls and SMS messages per-second?


Each Twilio account can make 1 outgoing call per-second. If your account needs more, please contact our sales team about options for higher limits.

SMS via Long Code

Each Twilio SMS-enabled long code (regular 10 digit number) can send 1 SMS message per-second, per-number. Unfortunately we are not able to adjust this rate limit. If your application requires a high volume of outgoing SMS, we recommend using an SMS short code.

For more details, please read “How quickly can I send SMS messages“?

SMS via Short Code

Each Twilio short code can send up to 30 messages per-second. If you need to send more than 30 messages per-second please contact our sales team.

Inbound Calls and SMS

Twilio places no limitation on the rate at which a number can receive inbound calls or SMS messages. That said, if you expect to be receiving a huge amount of traffic, it doesn’t hurt to let us know in advance so we can help you to optimize your application for the increased traffic.