How much does it cost to record a call?

There is no cost to record a phone call (besides the cost of the phone call itself). However, we do charge for storage above a certain free threshold:

  • Each account gets 10,000 minutes stored free every month.
  • Each recording minute above 10,000 will be charged $0.0005 per minute. The charge will occur at the end of the month, based on your average storage for that month.
  • Recording storage costs are calculated by rounding the duration of each call up to the next minute.
  • To see how many recording minutes are stored in your account, you can view your analytics in your account dashboard. Remember your account will only be charged if it averages more than 10,000 minutes for the month.

To give an example, let’s say you recorded 10,000 minutes per month and kept those recordings stored in your Twilio account:

  • The first month you’d have 10,000 minutes stored and would be charged nothing.
  • The second month you’d have 20,000 minutes stored and would be charged for 10,000 of those minutes ($5.00).
  • The third month you’d have 30,000 minutes stored and would be charged for 20,000 of those minutes ($10.00).
  • In your twelfth month, you’d have 112,000 minutes stored and you’d be charged for 110,000 of those minutes ($55.00).

Of course, you can delete your recordings at any time or move them to alternative storage.

For information on pricing for all of Twilio’s services, please see our pricing page.