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Customer Experience (CX) is building enduring relationships by consistently engaging customers in a meaningful way across a myriad of channels. Simply monitoring and reacting to the channel is not enough. You have to engage proactively (automatically) at each stage of the customer journey. BlueLeap integrates Twilio into the business process of enterprises and global organizations. SMS messages, outbound calls, and conferencing are automatically enabled based on your internal workflows, cutting agent cycle time. Twilio coupled with the BlueLeap Connector (our High Volume Message Communication Platform (HVMCP) is designed for message handling within the Oracle Service Cloud for large and global enterprises. It contains a message queue, multithreading, mass sending, broker that maintains all cloud telephony traffic linking it back to the sending agent cost center. The BlueLeap connector is used by thousands of agents, in over fifty countries, in dozens of different languages.

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