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BlueLeap helps Universities reinvent the student experience for prospective, current students, and alumni.

Students are getting choosier…

Students today are a new breed. Raised on smartphones and tablets, they live in a world of texts,
social media and meetups. And when they choose a university, they want one that provides a campus
experience that’s as tech-smart as they are.

…While the competition is getting tougher

Economic and demographic trends are shrinking the pool of prospective students* while competition
from other schools and alternatives like massive open online courses is growing. Waiting for the
market to improve is not an option.

That’s why more Universities are turning to BlueLeap CampusMe-an Immersive Student Lifecycle Experience platform built atop Oracle RightNow and Powered by Twilio.

Designed to work in tandem with your current business infrastructure (including existing RightNow applications), BlueLeap provides a personalized experience across the entire student lifecycle and gives your institution a real and sustainable
competitive advantage.

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