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The cloud powered SMS API.

A user messages your number

Carriers around the world route messages to the Twilio cloud.

Twilio receives the message

Twilio receives the message and makes a request to your application.

Your app responds

Your app receives that request and responds with XML back to Twilio.

Meet the REST API

Send messages in one line of code.

curl -X POST{AccountSid}/Messages\
-d "To=+14159352345" \
-d "From=+14158141829" \
-d "Body=Hello world!" \
-d "MediaUrl=" \
-u '{AccountSid}:{AuthToken}'


The number you want to message. Can be any valid mobile number.


The number the message will be sent from.


The message you want to send, in any language.

Media URLs

The URL of the media you wish to send out with the message.

Meet TwiML

Control your messaging with simple XML

<Message> a response right from TwiML

<Redirect> control flow to another endpoint in your app and trigger other app logic

1 <Response>
2 <Message>
3 <Body> Hello World! </Body>
4 <Media> </Media>
5 </Message>
6 <Redirect>
8 </Redirect>
9 </Response>

The new telephone hook.

Twilio talks to your web app via webhooks - realtime HTTP requests to your web app. When your users call, Twilio will answer and synchronously make a webhook request to your app and ask for TwiML instructions about how to proceed with the call. The platform is a well-behaved HTTP client, and even supports cookies.

We speak your language.

We designed Twilio for web developers like you who want to build applications that communicate. That's why Twilio supports a rich REST API as well as helper libraries for your favorite programming language. No need to learn some foreign software or hardware stack to make a phone ring. Use the tools you know, and rock the phone grid.


Test for free

If robustness and reliability are as important to your application as they are to us, you'll be writing tests to ensure your customers always have a great experience. With Twilio's Test Credentials you can test those pesky telecom edge-cases, from buying a phone-number in Portugal to placing a call to Peru. All without spending a penny.

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REST API request & parameter details and examples of constructing requests

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Step by step guides walk through building basic web apps that control the phone network.

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