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Start conversations with twilioPhone Numbers

Send and receive SMS with Twilio local and mobile numbers.

Local numbers for local conversation.

Build apps that send and receive SMS using local Twilio phone numbers to spark local conversations across the globe. Connect your customers with drivers, plumbers, or anybody else without sharing their personal phone numbers.

Twilio’s API and account portal let you easily select local or mobile SMS-enabled phone numbers from your customers’ country to improve their experience and engagement.

Customize your apps to send and receive texts locally with Twilio phone numbers, APIs and development platform. Everything from unicode to global reach is built right in.

No need to install software updates or buy hardware modules, just get the local Twilio phone numbers and build the messaging app you want to start local conversations.

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Enable two-way conversations

Let the conversation begin with Twilio SMS-enabled phone numbers. Connect plumbers and homeowners to discuss a project, managers and employees to schedule a shift, and the sales team to instantly engage the latest prospects. With Twilio, people can send SMS to each other without sharing their personal numbers.

Send user notifications

Text your customers when their package is delivered, their appointment is upcoming or a new job has been posted. SMS is the perfect way to keep people informed. With Twilio, you now can send SMS from phone numbers in your users’ country.

The features you need. Built right in.

Expand globally in minutes, not months.

Phone number API Search our extensive inventory for your dream phone number and buy it on the spot using either our API or website. When you purchase a number, it can immediately send and receive text messages.

Business-grade phone numbers Buy numbers with confidence. Twilio tests all phone numbers to ensure that they receive messages before making them available to you. Never worry again about giving your customers inactive phone numbers.

Send internationally Twilio is connected to mobile carriers around the world so you can send messages to users on more than 1,000 carriers. There is no need to maintain multiple carrier relationships and connections to get global coverage. Just send us your message, we’ll deliver it.

SMS unicode Send text messages in any language. Use French (Français), Arabic (العربية), Japanese (日本語) or any other language your users speak, and we’ll make sure the message gets there properly formatted. Yes, we even support emoji.☺

Status callbacks & logs We let your app know when your message is sent. Use message status to drive dashboards or dynamic application logic. We keep the messages records accessible via API so that your app can generate reports as you need.

Message queueing Don’t worry about sending messages too quickly. We’ll queue up your message, if necessary, and make sure each gets sent. Twilio makes it easy for your application to operate at scale without you writing any extra code.

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