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The Agile Contact Center: A New Approach to Customer Service

Do you realize that your customer service center is built on ten year old technology? This aging and hardware-centric infrastructure can’t keep pace with your customers. A new approach is needed to win increasingly competitive markets.

Five Reasons to Add Communications to Your CRM Today

Learn how to get more out of your current CRM by embedding communications capabilities.

WebRTC Rolls Out in Business Apps

Learn how WebRTC is being used in full-scale business applications for communication.

Leveraging Short Code Marketing in Your Customer Lifecycle

Read this white paper to see the role of short code marketing in customer lifecycles.

The Real Reason the Cloud is Winning

Read this white paper to find out why the cloud is winning and how Software People are reshaping communications.

How the Communications Revolution is Reshaping the Contact Center: Three Case Studies to Read Now

The communications revolution led by the rise of smartphones and mobile apps is combining with cloud computing to reshape the contact center.

Seven Ways Communication Can Drive Service Management Automation

Learn how communications can extend the benefits of ITSM. This white paper lays out how new communications applications focused on service management are enhancing the user experience, deepening organizational agility and more.

Find Success with Communications-Enabled Business Processes

Achieving the benefits of communications-enabled business processes no longer requires full-blown deployments of unified communications solutions. In this white paper, you'll learn how to maximize success with easy-to-implement web technologies.

How to Get a Competitive Edge with Proactive Notifications

What is the quickest way to improve your customers' experience? Proactive notifications are a simple step you can take to increase satisfaction now. Read this white paper to learn how innovative companies are getting immediate results.

Taking Control of Your Short Code

Short codes are becoming the standard for marketing outreach thanks to their simplicity and effectiveness. This white paper lays out eight best practices that will help you master short code marketing.

8 Ways to Increase Conversions with Call Tracking

Advertisers who effectively use call tracking realize staggering improvements in conversion rates. This white paper lays out eight best practices that will help you get better results from advertising campaigns.

A Guide to Phone-Based Password Protection

An alarming rise in password breaches has made password authentication a top priority for IT directors. Read this guide to learn about the benefits of phone-based multi-factor authentication and whether it makes sense to build or buy a solution.