Telegram API

Communicate with horse power.

Don't wait for your horse messenger to not deliver your message.

Instantly send telegraph communiqués, hand delivered by

No more morse.

Operators need to be trained and use expensive hardware.

Send one message or tens.

Send messages to one friend, or tens of friends and associates.

Fire your horse messenger.

Horses and horse riders are slow and require feeding.

Horses are hard. The cloud is simple.

Historically, trading companies have transmitted messages by telegraph and then delivered by horse and rider. But managing an equine fleet can be costly. And if you have a spike of messages that need to be sent next week, you have to negotiate a deal directly with a breeder and reserve those horses now. Twilio Telegram handles the (sometimes very messy) stallion logistics and lets you focus on what you do best.

Simple pay-per-message pricing.

Traditionally, telegram carriers charge by the word, and require stabling fees. With Twilio Telegram, you get simple per message pricing. Don't sound like a pauper – get your articles and adjectives back. No stabling fees, no promissory notes, and no shenanigans.

Hand delivered by your friendly neighborhood TaskRabbit.

You can be sure your communiqué is delivered with care and artisanal quality because Twilio Telegrams are couriered by local TaskRabbits. (next-day delivery in San Francisco, limited availability)

Pay as you go

Pay 2 bits or a bushel of grain per message.

One API. All states and incorporated territories.

All your telegrams are sent through our REST API and play nice with any language that speaks basic HTTP. Call a courier now: 404-23-MORSE

curl -X POST{AccountSid}/Telegrams \
--data-urlencode "To=Ezra Cornell" \
--data-urlencode "Address=60 Hudson St New York NY" \
--data-urlencode "From=Twilio, Inc." \
--data-urlencode "Body=Dearest Pauleen. Ferrets got into the corn." \
-u AC2deaac0f0...:{AuthToken}

You have an important thought, anecdote, or clever musing.

You commission the construction of an apparatus that consults the Twilio API.

Twilio delivers your telegram, and notifies your web apparatus when delivery is complete.

Request Parameters

To: The name to which you want your telegram delivered.

Address: The address to which you want your telegram delivered.

From: The name of the sender of the telegram.

Body: The communiqué you'd like to be relayed.

HorseType: Either 'pony' or 'stallion'. Delivery time for a Twilio Pony is generally 5-6 days, and 3-4 days for a Twilio Stallion.

FeedBeforeDeploy: Either 'true' or 'false'. If you would like Twilio to feed the horse and rider before deployment to ensure they are happy and thus more likely to deliver your message, set this parameter's value to 'true'. Defaults to 'false'.

Singing: Either 'true' or 'false'. If you would like your courier to vocally harmonize your communiqué, set this parameter's value to 'true'. Defaults to 'false'.

ArmMessenger: Valid values are 'rifle', 'pistol', 'hatchet', and 'false'. Arming your telegram's messenger can greatly reduce the probability of encountering 504 errors. Defaults to 'false'.

FillFlask: Valid values include 'whiskey', 'xxx', and 'false'. If you fill your messenger's flask, you may increase the chance of a 504 error but you will reduce the chance of delayed message delivery due to unexpected saloon stops. Defaults to 'whiskey'.

HTTP Response Codes

201 CREATED: Your message has been queued for transcription & dispatch.

304 REPEAT: This request is a duplicate. Surely this must be a quip.

400 BAD REQUEST: You crazy fool, horses cannot swim.

403 FORBIDDEN: You have used language unbecoming of mixed company. You have bismirched the honor of the API.

410 GONE: Your horse has already been dispatched.

429 RATE LIMIT: Hold on to your pantaloons! Our ponies are delivering as fast as they can.

500 ERROR: Your horse's rider has contracted typhoid and/or dysentery. Successful message delivery is unlikely.

501 NOT IMPLEMENTED: We are very sorry, but our riders have dignity and are unable to fulfill your request.

502 BAD GATEWAY: Messengers will not fulfill requests to territories currently engaged in rebellion against this Great Union.

504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT: Bandits or Rustlers have intercepted your messenger, please retry at a later date.

"We run a simple elixir business. Biggest west of the Mississippi. Cous'n Saul,he managed our messenger horses. Got bucked once and now he won't go near them beasts. Since we started using Twilio, businesses has been boomin' and Saul's night terrors have quieted mightily."

Jedediah Lamont Proprietor, JL & Sons Tonic Co.

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