Sending a Message via Phone from your Web Application

Twilio makes sending audio messages from your application to a telephone easy. Let’s go through a simple example of how to initiate a call to a phone number and play a message when the call is answered First, we will need a simple TwiML document to play the message. <!– –> <Response> <Say>Hello! This was a message sent by Twilio</Say> </Response> Save the text of… Read More

First Five Live Contest

It’s only been three days since we launched, and we’ve already heard of some great applications in the works out there.  So today we’re announcing the “First Five Live” contest… it’s very simple: The first five developers to email with a brief description and link to a live application they built on Twilio will win a $50 service credit from Twilio. You’ll also be featured in… Read More

Making a call using ColdFusion and the Twilio REST API

Several people have asked for an example for initiating a call using ColdFusion and the Twilio REST API. Here you go! Replace the parameters in the cfset statements, of course.  <!— Start a call from coldfusion —> <!— enter your information for the following parameters —> <cfset accountSid=”yourAccountSid”> <cfset secret=”yourSecretKey”> <cfset caller=”yourVerifiedCallerId”> <cfset called=”phonenumberToCall”> <cfset action_url=”urlToExecute”> <!— make the rest request —> <cfhttp url=”” method=”POST” username=”#accountSid#”… Read More