First Five Live Contest

It’s only been three days since we launched, and we’ve already heard of some great applications in the works out there.  So today we’re announcing the “First Five Live” contest… it’s very simple:

The first five developers to email with a brief description and link to a live application they built on Twilio will win a $50 service credit from Twilio.

You’ll also be featured in our upcoming “First Five Live” contest announcement! We’re expecting to find our first five live quickly, so make sure to reply as soon as you’re live and ready. $50 is a lot of minutes!

So again, to enter, simply email with:

  • a brief description of the live Twilio app you built, and
  • a link to it.

Contest Details: By replying you give Twilio permission to mention your application, use part or all of the description you provide, as well as publish the link to the application, in an upcoming winners announcement via email, blog and/or website. No Purchase Necessary: you may be a trial or paying Twilio account to enter. Odds of winning depend on how fast you respond with your live application. Twilio reserves all discretion to determine if an application meets minimum criteria for entry. For example, simply deploying our publicly available demos on your own server wouldn’t be considered a valid application for the purposes of the contest. For a list of winners, email after December 1st, 2008. Void where prohibited.