Voicemail for Twilio with Twilio

I have a confession to make.
When we launched a few weeks ago, we printed our 877-8-TWILIO phone number on the site.  And about an hour before launch, we realized we hadn’t wired that phone number up to anything!
How embarrassing for a phone company, right?
So we very quickly (<5 minutes) whipped up a simple voicemail application to answer that line, records a message and emails it to us.  However, that simple solution very quickly became problem, as we’ve been very poor at managing incoming messages.  So two things:
1.  Our deepest apologies to anybody who’s left a message in the past few weeks, and we haven’t gotten back to.
2.  I’m going to sit down and build a better solution to help us manage the volume, answer more calls personally, and manage the voice mails to ensure they all get returned in a timely manner.  And when we finish that app, we’ll publish the code for everybody to use!
A win for everybody!