Introducing Twilio Recipes!

Who doesn’t like a good recipe, be it a great spinach quiche, potato leek soup, or company directory PBX.  Well, our culinary skills what they are, we decided to work on the latter.
The new Twilio Recipes page is our place to publish some code for commonly requested functionality, with the goal of educating Twilio developers and giving a starting point for many projects.  Check it out here:

Here are our first three recipes, all written in PHP:

Company Directory:

Present incoming callers with the option of dialing an extension or waiting to be connected to an operator.Directory Search:

Search a company directory by last name and receiving the matching person’s extension.


Interfaces for leaving, retrieving, and managing voicemail boxes.

All of this code is open sourced, and free to download, modify and redistribute.  As always, all recipes have a comments area, feel free to contribute!