Things You Can Do in 3 Hours

As we often do, we sat down this morning and started making a list.  Today’s list was: Things You Can Do in 3 Hours Roast a 16 lb. turkey Watch most of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Build a post-by-phone feature for a hot tumblelogging service (Tumblr did the third) That’s right, Tumblr’s developers got wind of Twilio last week, and within a… Read More

Protecting you from Nasty Numbers

A customer wrote today with a great question: Q: “Does twilio protect me from placing calls to nasty phone numbers that may be entered by an end-user, such as 911?” A: Yes! We do indeed protect you from abusive uses, so you can feel free to pass-through to use whatever phone number a user enters. Here’s a list of restricted phone numbers that will be returned… Read More

Twilio spotted in the Netherlands!

Twilio developer Delano sent us this picture, sporting his fashionable Twilio Developer Shirt! We love to reward developers who share their Twilio knowledge… if you blog about what you’ve built and how you built it, or release open source code, we’ll gladly make you the proud owner of your own <Say> :) </Say> shirt!

Call CSVs from REST API script

A customer asked today if our API can provide call records in a CSV format.  It’s a perfectly reasonable request, and something we could clearly support in the future.  But in the meantime, I put together a quick PHP script to pull XML call records from our REST API, and write a CSV to stdout. <?php     /*     Copyright (c) 2008 Twilio, Inc.     Permission… Read More