Attending the Seattle 2.0 Awards… and so should you!

Twilio comes from a split family… part Seattle, part Bay Area… but all startup! While everybody knows the Silicon Valley and San Francisco as startup scenes, Seattle is an amazing place to start a company. Couple the droves of talent imported by Microsoft, Amazon, Real, and more… with a very self-supportive entrepreneurial community… and you’ve got startup gold. We’ve benefitted greatly from the incredible startup community… Read More

Kinda Creepy Google Analytics Discovery

Perusing Google Analytics today, I noticed something a little creepy… If you browse to referring sites, you’re likely to find as a referrer somewhere in your list, as expected.  Take this screenshot from a day last week when we happened to make a big announcement: So now, if you’re a Google Apps for Domains customer (as Twilio is), your web UI is located at:… Read More

Startup PR on a Shoestring

On Monday we announced funding from Founders Fund and Mitch Kapor.  Leading up to the announcement, we decided to write our own press release and even though we have little experience, it turns out you can get some high quality coverage (although our friends certainly have helped us out), even without a PR agency.  To kick start the process, Jeff did a couple searches for startup… Read More