Twilio to Present at Under the Radar on Friday, April 24th

Under-the-radar-going On Friday, April 24th Twilio will present at the Under the Radar conference, where startups gather each year to share their early stage innovations with technology and business leaders in Silicon Valley.  The event’s theme this year is focused on the power and usefulness of cloud computing, which is a perfect fit for our cloud telephony platform.

How Cloud Telephony with Twilio Simplifies Business

In this post on the Under the Radar blog, there is a great example of how Twilio can help companies create voice applications simply and affordably:

Say I’m a product company. I make tasty fizzy bevvies that give
consumers the burst of energy they need to dance all night, code all
night, study all night… I want to build a really cool voice application
as an add-on to a mobile marketing campaign I’ll be rolling out.

Problem: I don’t have access to one of the few
specialized (and expensive) app developers who have the skills to build
it for me. But I do have a web development team… They don’t know any
crazy telecom programming languages, but they do know PHP, Ruby, etc.

Solution: Twilio’s in-cloud API for voice
communications leverages my existing web development team’s skills. In
a few minutes and a few lines of code, they can create a custom voice
application for us – hosted in the cloud.

Talk about taking a lesson from the easy bake oven. Twilio launched
in 2008 and since then has been used by BP, Tumblr, Sony BMG and more.
I think they’re on to something…. (emphasis added)

It’s All About the Easy Bake Oven

We think we’re on to something too, and we can’t wait to share it with conference attendees!

Are you going to be at Under the Radar?  Let us know so we can be sure to connect with you while we’re there.  You reach us through the comments, an email to or a message to @Twilio on Twitter.  We’re listening.