Make a Call to Twilio Customer 1-800-CLEANUP on Earth Day

Earth911-earth-day Twilio customer provides 1-800-CLEANUP to make it easier than ever before to recycle consumer products.

For Earth Day give them a call to try it out, and you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice ready to help you find the correct way to rid yourself of over 100,000 products you may no longer need.  Not only will your house be more organized, but you’ll help save the environment in the process.

Reaching Beyond the Internet

As Earth911 staff member Jennifer Berry mentions, on their blog:

“A study by Parks Associates said that 29 percent of all U.S. households
(about 31 million) don’t have Internet access. But with 1-800-CLEANUP,
everyone has a chance to be a steward of their local community.”

Making Business Simpler with Twilio


This service has been around for 18 years and was recently re-written with Twilio by Adam Ballai at Earth911 to be more user friendly, streamlined, and maintainable than ever before.

Some improvements to 1-800-CLEANUP include:

  • new search mechanism let’s you search by product name
  • bilingual hot-line, in both English in Spanish
  • 33% reduction in call times during tests
  • the system can handle thousands of calls!

For more about Earth911 and 1-800-CLEANUP make sure to check out their blog, or just give them a call!