That's a Wrap! Under the Radar Conference in Review

Last Friday, Twilio presented to an audience of entrepreneurs, upstarts, startups, and venture capitalists in Palo Alto, at Under the Radar.  Jeff, our fearless leader, took the stage to present to a panel of judges.

What people are saying:

“I also moderated a session with four application development companies. I liked best Twilio,
which pitched its super-simple solution for creating voice/touchtone
apps that run over phones using well-known Web development techniques.”
— Rafe Needleman, panel moderator from CNET News, event wrapup

“I was easily charmed by CEO Jeff Lawson (who no doubt could sell snow in Alaska)…”  — Christine Herron of First Round Capital, on her blog



Watch the video of Jeff’s presentation of Twilio at Under the Radar here:

And A Discovery…


What do you think?  Does Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO, look like comedian Patton Oswalt?