Twilio Climbs 29 Spots on the Seattle 2.0 Startup Index

Seattle20logo Each month, Marcelo Calbucci at Seattle 2.0 updates a list of Seattle-based startups and ranks them by their traffic growth.

This list is called the Seattle Startup Index, and measures the traffic of both startups and website properties of entrepreneurs based in the Seattle area.

So How Did Twilio Do?

In March Twilio climbed 29 spots in the startup list to spot #81, with an SSI reach of 19,375.  We are also #95 (up 28 spots) on the website list (tracking individual web properties as opposed to whole companies).

Many outside of Seattle may not know this, but there are over 300 startups on this list (313 this time around), with more adding themselves all the time.  At the top of the list are well known brands such as Zillow, iLike, Picnic, I Can Haz Cheezburger and Urbanspoon – just to name a few.

Getting to see how our traffic stacks up to these established companies month after month is motivating, and its also great to see so many local startups thriving in a down economy.

How Is the SSI Calculated?

The Seattle 2.0 website says:

The Startup Index is computed by taking into account Alexa and Compete
data for websites (more data points will be added in the future) based
on the aggregate Reach (unique visitors) of all properties owned by a
company or the individual site in question.

Full Disclosure: Our community manager, Danielle Morrill, is Editor-in-Chief for Seattle 2.0 and in no way involved with the preparation of the Seattle Startup Index.