Build a Killer Marketing Tool with Twilio & Enter to Win a Netbook

Netbook-mondays This weeks, it’s all about tools that get the word out.

Developers have until midnight on Sunday, May 31st, to submit a Killer Marketing Tool built with Twilio to our contest for a chance to win a Netbook on Monday.

Last weeks winner in the Improving Customer Service category was Brendan Gill with RepeaterStore.

As a platform for developing voice applications, Twilio enables developers to build a better experience when it comes to telephony driven marketing efforts.

Beyond Telemarketing with Killer Marketing Tools

To some people, marketing + telephones = telemarketing.  While that is one way telephones have traditionally been used in marketing, our Acceptable Use Policy forbids unsolicited calls.  Instead, imagine the possibilities with permission marketing, like what you’ll see from Sony Music when friends send in another friend’s phone number, and receive a call with a sound clip of a popular MP3.

By reaching out to customers who have voluntarily signed up to hear what you have to say, you can create amazing marketing opportunities for deep engagement.  Imagine connecting your CRM to your Twilio phone number, and getting the word out to selective groups of your customers about meaningful events, offers, and ideas that are relevant to them.  Imagine harnessing the telephone to generate word-of-mouth campaigns that rally together thousands of supporters around a cause (politics, Race For the Cure, natural disasters, etc.).  Maybe something as simple as a toll free number (like 1-800-CLEANUP) on your product, to educate people on their recycling options, is the perfect marketing tool for including your brand in a class of socially conscious products.

And while we’re on the topic of marketing, let’s not forget how important listening is – in addition to broadcasting.  What kind of listening tools could you provide to marketers, to alert them when their brands are being talked about?  How could you help brands join the conversations their consumers care the most about?  How can you take voice, and use it to make marketing more human?  The possibilities are endless.

We’re looking forward to seeing how you use Twilio to get the word out, inspire, teach, and connect people with your Killer Marketing Tools.  You’ve got 5 days left, so get started now and submit your application to us before the deadline (Sunday at midnight).