RepeaterStore Wins 1st Twilio Netbook Prize for Improving Customer Service

Woo hoo! We’re beyond thrilled to announce the first Twilio Netbook contest winner is RepeaterStore, by Brendan Gill!

you to everyone who submitted their applications to the contest, we
were blown away by the response and it was tough choosing the best
application.  Overall, the judges felt the implementation of Twilio
within RepeaterStore was impressive, and tackled a challenging use case at the core of improving customer service.

Brendan Speaks on Working with Twilio

“I think the service Twilio is offering is awesome as it
provides a way to provide the same automated service we offer to web
customers to people who phone in. We can interface with our database in
any way we choose.”

About RepeaterStore

is a leading e-commerce storefront focused on selling wireless
repeaters; those little devices that make your iPhone work inside your
apartment (where you get no coverage).

Using Twilio, RepeaterStore now enables customers to pick up their
phone (landline, probably) and call-in to enter their order ID and
automatically retrieve their tracking number and detailed order status.
If a package hasn’t been delivered yet, customers receive an expected
delivery date and can even select to have the details emailed with just
the press of a button.

Features of RepeaterStore

  • Tracking numbers are read slowly enough for the caller to hear and write down (by placing a comma between each character in the tracking number).
  • Customers have the option to repeat their order information as many times as they like, in case they have difficulty (UPS tracking numbers are long)
  • Customers can have their order status sent to their email address.  This way, they don’t have to worry about writing the tracking number down during the call.  (We have the customer email address from when they placed the order, and do a database look up based on their order ID).
  • The email contains a full break down of the package progress using all the info available on the UPS API.  (In the call we just simplify it to status and ETA).

Congratulations once again to Brendan for winning this week’s competition and setting a high bar for submissions going forward.  We can’t wait to see what we get this week!

This Week’s Category: Killer Marketing Tools

How do you get the word out about a product or service?  How do you educate potential customers?  How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace?

This week we’re looking for Twilio-powered applications that take advantage of telephony to help with marketing efforts.  This doesn’t mean you need to be a marketer yourself — just think about how you’d help to define, build, and defend the market for a product or service.

Get Started Today! Submissions Are Due Sunday at Midnight

Make sure to visit the contest page for all the details (rules, schedule, etc.) and jump on it – submissions are due on Sunday, May 31st – at midnight.