Improve Your Memory with Simolio – Steve Castle Wins a Netbook!

Twilio’s usefulness in the business context is simple: save money on the core telephony activities you engage in for business every day with a Twilio-powered PBX, IVR, answering service, call routing or other solution – at a fraction of the cost.

While we’ve got many customers using Twilio in their businesses, we thought it would be fun to lighten things up a bit so last week we encouraged developers to explore the possibility of using Twilio for Fun & Games in last week’s Netbook Contest category.

Winner Week #6: Simolio by Steve Castle

Steve Based on the popular 1980s game Simon (play online), Simolio is a memory game where you call in and attempt to memorize and repeat patterns of numbers or sounds.

To give it a try, simply dial (866) 583-6913 with pin 1089-3785 and follow the prompts to begin the game.

Level 1 – Numbers

Level 2 – Sound effects

Level 3 – DTMF telephone tones

Week #7 Category: Get Together Now!

Have you ever tried to coordinate a large group of people for a meeting, meal, or other event?  Getting people together can be challenging, but with Twilio you can create all sorts of tools to make that process easier and more efficient.  This week, we challenge Twilio developers to submit applications that help people coordinate their plans.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • An outbound application that calls all your guests to take a poll of their top restaurant choice, among a set of options.
  • An inbound application that consults the calendars of your colleagues and proposes the best meeting times to the group.
  • An application that checks your friend’s travel plans (Dopplr) and gives you a call when you are in the same city, proposing you dine at places you both like (Yelp).
  • An application that polls your CRM for sales leads nearby who you haven’t met with in awhile, to help you fill time with cold calls between meetings.
  • Automated reminders to employees of when they’re scheduled to work, like Twilio customer Juma Ventures
  • An outbound application to check with members of community groups, sports teams, and other organizations to confirm attendance for meetings, games, etc.
  • Organizing community outreach and political canvassing

If these ideas sound interesting to you, or you’ve cooked up one of your own, head on over to our contest page to learn more and submit your application when you’re ready.  The deadline for submissions is midnight on Sunday, July 5th, and we’ll announce the winner the next day!