Magic Call Button Launches Simple Click-to-Call Service Using Twilio

Magic-call-button-logo Have you ever wished for a way to add a branded “call now” or other click-to-call button to your website, blog, or email?

Today, Twilio customer Tradewinds Advertising announced a new product: Magic Call Button.  Magic Call Button pairs branded click-to-call buttons and web forms to add a clear call to action to website quickly and easily.

From their press release today, some impressive numbers reveal the impact of adding click-to-call functionality to website:

Formal research to evaluate the impact of click-to-call technology has
concluded the following: click-to-call may increase online revenues up
to 45%, reduce website abandonment by 20-30%, improve inbound inquiries
by 25-35%, and improve customer satisfaction up to 88% (sources include

Uses for Magic Call Button


Click this button to see the matching form (one of many templates):


Don’t worry, this won’t make a phone call unless you fill out the form…



How Click to Call Works

Anthony Stevens, an active member of the Twilio developer community, has created several demos showing how to use Twilio in the past, and one of them contains a fantastic diagram of how click-to-call works:


It would take a whole other blog post to feature all that Anthony has done, but do check out his blog (there are code samples and a bunch of other good stuff there) and we look forward to bring him on a guest blogger in the future.

If you’re looking for a quick click-to-call solution, give Magic Call Button a try.  If you’re looking to build you own, come discover Twilio and what you can create with our telephony API!  Congratulations to Victoria and the whole team at Tradewinds for getting this launched.