Answers to Every STS Question Ever Asked!

STS stands for Seattle Tech Startups, and it is the most subscribed and in-depth conversation about the tech startup community in Seattle.  It has its fair share of controversy, and like any community it has some characteristics that are consistently amusing (such as common questions).  Last night, our CEO Jeff Lawson gave a talk on cloud computing.  Even though we weren’t there, the tweets coming from… Read More

Hear Jeff Speak at Seattle Tech Startups Tonight

If you haven’t heard Jeff Lawson (our CEO) speak about cloud computing before, and are in the Seattle area, tonight’s your chance to come check it out at the Seattle Tech Startups monthly meeting. It won’t be just Jeff either, you’ll also get to hear about the Microsoft Azure web services platform with Steve Marx – a Technical Strategist on the Azure team who also has… Read More

TWO Netbook Winners This Week & New Challenge: Speech-to-Text Transcription

With so many fantastic submissions this week, we’ve decided to award not one but two Netbooks!  The winners are: PagerDuty created by Andrew, Alex, and Baskar (Synchronicity Labs) PagerDuty is a tool for managing on-call responsibilities among members of your staff.  Using your alerting software, forward messages to PagerDuty to route emails, text messages, or phone calls to the appropriate person.  A simple and user-friendly UI… Read More

What is Twilo Thunder Anyway?

Like anyone trying to listen to what people are saying about our company, I follow some common misspellings of Twilio on Twitter and using Google blog search.  Frequently, I come across something called “Twilo Thunder”, and since today is a Saturday and I’m catching up on email I figure it was high time I check it out. Turns out it’s a song by Breeder, and this… Read More

Twilleetio Wins Netbook #2 – New Category for This Week: Outbound Notifications

Let’s hear a big round of applause for Trevor Smith, a contract web developer in Seattle with a history of turning wild ideas into products.  Trevor won Week #2 of the Twilio Developer Contest with Twilleetio. The category for Week #2 was “Killer Marketing Tools”, and Trevor killed it with this tool for phoning in short audio segments and sharing them with Twitter. Try Twilleetio For… Read More