Alex Polvi Wins Twilio Netbook Contest Week #5 – Open Source It!

Alex-polvi Congratulations to Alex Polvi, winner of this week’s Netbook Contest in the Open Source It category!

Alex built Twilio + Nagios, an open sourced tool that integrates Twilio with the popular monitoring tool Nagios, which notifies webmasters when site and web services go down.

How Twilio + Nagios Works

As Alex describes on Github:

When nagios determines it is the time to send a notification it sends data to the script. This will fire off a request to Twilio, telling it to hit a specific URL for the host that had the problem. Twilio will then hit a url on the twilio_nagios responder, which will parse the nagios config and objects file to look up the current state. It then returns that information in Twilio XML, and the sysadmin gets alerted by a robot voice. Success.

Announcing Week #6 Category: Fun & Games

We’ve seen many examples of how Twilio can be used to support core functions of business, and now it’s time to loosen up a little bit and have some fun!  What, you were already having fun because creating telephony apps with Twilio is so dang easy?  Good!

This week we challenge you to come up with a creative new use for Twilio that will entertain, delight, or amaze us.  Jokes, games, scavenger hunts — if you can dream it up, you can do it and we’re looking forward to featuring ALL the submissions on our blog over the coming weeks to share the joy and light-hearted good times with the entire Twilio developer community.

As always, there is a Netbook at stake here.  If you’ve been looking for the motivation to play with Twilio and create your first application, now is your chance to jump in and have some fun!

All the information about the contest can be found here, or if you’re ready to submit head over here.