TWO Netbook Winners This Week & New Challenge: Speech-to-Text Transcription

With so many fantastic submissions this week, we’ve decided to award not one but two Netbooks!  The winners are:

PagerDuty created by Andrew, Alex, and Baskar (Synchronicity Labs)


PagerDuty is a tool for managing on-call responsibilities among members of your staff.  Using your alerting software, forward messages to PagerDuty to route emails, text messages, or phone calls to the appropriate person.


 A simple and user-friendly UI makes it easy to set up a chain of alarms to escalate issues if they are not responded to fast enough.

In this example I’ve set up PagerDuty to alert me via email first, and if I don’t acknowledge them within 5 minutes I will receive a phone call, which will make 5 attempts at 1 minute intervals until I answer.  The phone call I receive reads my alarm information, and gives me the option to suppress or resolve the issue.

RemindMe created by Kurtis Welch (Magma Software)


RemindMe is a personal productivity tool that enables callers to create and receive notifications over the phone.

When you call in, the service uses LavaRock
to interpret the date and time you want to schedule your reminder, and
then records your voice message. At the scheduled day and time users
receive a call and hear their reminder message played back to them.

Now if only we had Twilio baby t-shirts!

Danielle Demonstrates How to Use RemindMe


This Week’s Challenge: Transcription

Rolling on into Week #4 of the Netbook Challenge we’re looking forward to another batch of fabulous submissions – and we encourage you re-submit from a previous weeks if you make transcription a part of your application.

And if
you’ve been looking for that extra motivation to try transcription out, how does
the chance to win a sleek little Netbook sound?  We’ve even got a voicemail transcription demo if you want to check out some working code to get the ideas flowing.  We can’t wait to see what you build with Twilio this week!