Real Estate Lead Generation with Digital Home Info – Developer Contest Winner!

 Congratulations to Adam Small, winner of the Twilio developer contest this week in the category of lead generation, with Digital Home Info. Digital Home Information is a comprehensive lead generation and listing marketing system designed to help Realtors reach more buyers and attract sellers. The web interface allows listings agents to set up each of their properties so that information can be retrieved by phone, text,… Read More

OSCON 2009 in Review: Including Video, Slides, & Photos

OSCON was a week-long adventure in the open source community, here's a rundown of what happened — in text, pictures, video, and slides! Launched Our Ustream Channel: Jeff Speaks on the Cloud as the OSS 3.0 Business Model Oscon – Open Source Software Business Model 3.0 View more documents from twilio. Twilio T-Shirts & Stickers – so popular we ran out!    view our entire OSCON… Read More

Happy Friday, Happy Customers

After signing up for a Twilio account, new users receive a series of emails from us introducing them to what Twilio is all about, providing resources to help developers get started, and making suggestions for becoming a part of our thriving developer community. Even though these emails are automatically generated, I’m always happily surprised to see responses, and this morning my day was made when Dennis… Read More

Don't Dial That Digit! Twilio Has Your Back

There are certain numbers that you probably don’t want dialed with your Twilio-powered application, such as 911 (taking time away from legitimate emergencies) or 411 (costing you money).  Twilio will return a 21202 error “Phone number is a ‘premium’ number” whenever these numbers are dialed: 911 411 (any x11 service) (XXX)-555-1212 900/976 Not only is this helpful for you, but it will enable you to rest… Read More

New Twilio Developer Challenge – Weeks #9 AND #10

Sorry everyone, I know I took my sweet time posting about this week’s contest category for the Twilio Netbook Mondays contest.  Netbook Mondays you say, not Thursdays, and I hear you! To make up for it, and make sure you have enough time to create your submission, we’re extending this category deadline to the end of NEXT week.  Submissions will be due on Sunday, July 26th…. Read More