Congrats John Sheehan – You Won a Netbook with Simple Hotline!

John-sheehan-photo Have you ever tried to organize an event for a large number of people, only to have plans changed at the last minute due to circumstances outside your control?  With Simple Hotline, John Sheehan can alert the members of his softball league when inclement weather hits and a game is rained out.

As he says in his submission:

I’ve built SimpleHotline for the softball league that I play in. Most hotline services are expensive and overly complicated. Our league had just a basic set of requirements:

  • Provide a number for people to call when the weather is ominous
  • Let the Director update it from the fields
  • Email voicemail messages left to the Director

Building this service with Twilio was incredibly easy. I put it together and tweaked it in just a single weekend. I also blogged about the technical details here and here.

Twilio’s pay-as-you-go model works perfectly for this league. They only pay when there’s bad weather which only happens 1-3 times per year. The hotline has help the league save money at a time when money is tight.

This Weeks Category: Deploy Twilio App on Heroku

The category last week was ‘Coordinating People’ and John’s application demonstrates just how it easy it is to implement Twilio for real time communications about events going on in a community of people.

This week, we’ve cooked up a special partnership between Twilio and Ruby hosting platform Heroku and we’ll be giving a Netbook AND $300 in Heroku platform credit to this week’s winner.  Visit the contest page to lear more about all the details for this week’s category, and make sure to submit for your chance to win by Sunday, July 13th, at midnight.