Ecommerce Solutons Provider Cularis Uses Twilio to Save Time & Money


In this blog post, Twilio customer Alan Wizemann talks about how his company Cularis, an eCommerce solution provider, is saving time and money by routing calls, cutting tickets, and transcribing voice messages with Twilio.

Using Twilio at Cularis – by Alan Wizemann

We created a system that uses the Twilio API to handle our support calls. This has freed up several hours a day of time, but also allows us to do the following:

  1. Automatically route the call based on the time of day and available support staff
  2. Automatically create a recording of the support issue and transcribe the call
  3. Import the transcription (through the call back) into our support system (active collab)
  4. Track any open issue, phone, ticket, etc through one system!

Shopigniter-logo We created this system to help us scale the release of our new product ShopIgniter – a real-time ecommerce solution. We will have support contracts that provide 24/7 support, and we will expand our Twilio system to automatically route calls to available staff, in different timezones if needed, so issues are addressed according to our SLA’s.

I’m also working on reading the transcription to find the email address to route the ticket further into verified email accounts of our clients (so we can pre-organize the tickets without any human assistance).  Our next step is to use real recordings instead of the voice provided by Twilio – to give it a more human feel.

I have to say Twilio is one of the easiest API’s I have ever consumed. Period.


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