Real Estate Lead Generation with Digital Home Info – Developer Contest Winner!

Adam-small-netbook-winner  Congratulations to Adam Small, winner of the Twilio developer contest this week in the category of lead generation, with Digital Home Info.

Home Information is a comprehensive lead generation and listing
marketing system designed to help Realtors reach more buyers and
attract sellers.

The web interface allows listings agents to set
up each of their properties so that information can be retrieved by
phone, text, or web browser.

How Digital Home Info Uses Twilio

Digital-home-info-logoThe service utilizes Twilio
so prospective buyers can call a toll free number and listen to
prerecorded message about the listings. Callers have the option of
pressing 1 to connect the call directly to the listing agent.

a toll free call or text message is received the agent receives an
email or text message indicating the calling number and the property
information that the caller received.  This information is also
summarized weekly and provided online for the listing agent’s

Give It a Try!

To test out voice lead generation, follow these steps:

  • call 866-582-7608
  • when prompted for a property code, enter “2000”
  • this will play back the audio recording for a particular listing
  • at the same time, the real estate agent is notified by text message and/or email
  • if you press 1 at anytime during the call, you will be connected to the agent

Congratulations Adam!

Thanks for being an active participant in the Twilio developer
community, your Netbook is on the way and we wish you all the best as
Digital Home Info continues to grow.

If you’re reading this and wondering “where is my Netbook?” you can visit the contest page to learn more, and we’ll be announcing the category for this week shortly!

Resources to Build Your Own App

We offer many resources to
help developers get started.  If you’re thinking of building a lead
generation app, here are some suggestions to get you started: