QuickSchools.com Embraces SaaS, Uses Twilio for Click-to-Call

Quickschools-logo Over at the QuickSchools blog, Fariza Amir just wrote a substantial post on how the company is embracing SaaS.  This focus on Sofware as a Service is aligned with their proud claim to be the first fully online school management system.

Among the service providers they are using to achieve this goal, they list Twilio and Basecamp.  Here’s a quote from their blog, describing how they’ve implemented Twilio for Click-to-Call functionality:

If you’ve browsed to our website www.quickschools.com
recently, you’ll notice that we have just deployed an application
called Click-To-Call. What this does is that it allows anyone that
visits our official site or uses our QuickSchools application to
request that we call them, and the call is made automatically. This is
a pretty nifty application, which lets us reach out to our customers in
new ways. The Click-to-Call application uses a SaaS API called Twilio.

We love hearing from customers just how easy it is to get started and deploy Twilio, and one of my favorite quotes comes from another QuickSchools blog post over at the LeoLumpy blog, back in April:

This application is just perfect for our click-to-call apps. And you
know what, it is so simple to deploy that you may just develop this on
your own website or blog, in like 1 hour!