Teach Street releases call tracking, payments platform for teachers

Teachstreet-logoTwilio customer Teach Street announced today that they’ve launched their payments platform and (Twilio-powered) call tracking services, making it easier than ever before for teachers to participate in e-commerce.

How Teach Street Uses Twilio

Teachstreet-example With Twilio, Teach Street provides teachers with phone numbers and pin codes, enabling students to contact them and leave messages securely.

As Teach Street said on their blog, in addition to being one of our customers we have the Seattle startup community in common although we’ve recently moved to the Bay Area.  When asked about the Twilio integration with Teach Street Daryn Nakuda, the company’s CTO and Cofounder told us:

“It was a super smooth, and I’d even say fun, integration. Looking forward to doing more with it in the future.”

How Teach Street’s Call Tracking Works

Teach Street made writing this blog post so darn easy by creating this slideshow, which explains how their call tracking solution works.  The voice of Teach Street is a voice familiar on Seattle-area radio, the melodious Shawn Stewart of 103.7 FM “The Mountain”.