Control Your House Anywhere, Anytime! David Bello – Netbook Contest Winner

Last week we encouraged Twilio developers to use our service to hack real world objects and control them with the telephone. We weren’t sure what we would see in the submissions, but we were impressed with the entries and have two we want to share with you.

The Winner: David Bello – Home Automation

Have you ever left the house and then wondered if you remembered to turn off the lights?  With a home automation tool called “Control Your House Anywhere, Anytime” you can be sure.

Not only did David create a simple and powerful tool for controlling real-world objects, he also used LavaRock HQ, which was created by Twilio customer Kurtis Welch at Magma Software, for the voice recognition.

Check Out CYHAA in Action

David made this video to demonstrate how Control Your House Anywhere, Anytime works with Twilio, for both inbound and outbound calls to his Twilio number:

Congratulations David, your Netbook is on its way!

Honorable Mention: Robert Ansel – Cell Phone DJ

With Cell Phone DJ, users turn the host server into a call-in DJ and can control the music it plays remotely. It allows for volume control, playing an announcement you record from the phone, as well as music selection, looping, starting and stopping.

Wondering how this could be useful?  Imagine you’re at an event or a club and you don’t like the song playing – what if the crowd could help control what played and what was next on this list.  With Cell Phone DJ, this type of augmented-reality might soon possible.

If the name “Ansel” sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Robert’s older brother Michael won week #8 of our contest with his Duke Now application, and took home not only a Netbook but $300 in Heroku credit as well. Great to see using Twilio has become a family affair!

Want to Win a Netbook – Enter This Week’s Contest!

This week we’re embracing a broad category – all Twilio applications built in PHP.  If you’ve submitted an application in the past and didn’t win, feel free to submit again if the app is written (or re-written) in PHP.  We’ll be reaching out to engage with the PHP developer community this week, and hope you’ll check out many of our PHP examples in the new and improved Twilio documentation.

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