The Kingdom Adds Twilio to Their iPhone Alternate Reality Game

When Derek tweeted yesterday that his iPhone development company Held had created a video demonstrating their implementation of Twilio in their alternate reality game, The Kingdom, our whole team was excited and impressed!

@dneighbors) says on the Held blog:

One of the things we have been working on is a virtual game that incorporates Real Time Strategy, Alternate Reality and Augmented Reality
for a rich virtual gaming experience.  We wanted to proof of concept
some Alternate Reality concepts by integrating the simulation of
interacting with other humans by using dynamic content from a remote
phone back to the iPhone.

We saw Twilio
and figured it would be a good test to see how it worked.  We were very
impressed than in just an hour or so we had things up and working,
fully integrated into the game.

We can’t wait to play with The Kingdom ourselves!  Keep an eye out for it in the iPhone AppStore.  And as Derek says – what are YOU doing with Twilio?  Tell us!

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