Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson on the Cloud Computing Show with Gary Orenstein

Last week, Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and cloud computing expert Geva Perry sat down with Gary Orenstein on the Cloud Computing Show to talk about industry news in the cloud space and explore what Twilio is all about.

Listen to the full podcast here…

As Geva says in the wrap-up on his blog:

We discuss some of the latest news around cloud computing (OSCON,
Rackspace API, Microsoft Azure pricing and more) and of course talk
about Twilio, which I have written about in the past as What’s Really Exciting About Cloud Computing.

Geva Perry is the author of the cloud computing blog Thinking Out Cloud, and co-hosts the podcast Overcast: Conversations on Cloud Computing with James Urquhart.  He also does some work with us here at Twilio, and we look forward to featuring his work and ideas here on the Twilio blog in the future.