Valley Curbside Recycling Uses Twilio to Answer Their Phone

Valley-curbside-recycling-logoWe’re always discovering new ways that Twilio is being put to use to help businesses function more efficiently, and Valley Curbside Recycling has implemented a textbook case for how using Twilio can streamline business processes to save both time and money.

Customer Interview: Ryan Stewart on Using Twilio

Twilio: How did you hear about Twilio?

Ryan: On Twitter, I think.

Twilio: Tell us about how you used Twilio for Valley Curbside Recycling

Ryan: With about 20 lines of code, we created a simple voice line for our curbside recycling business. The automated system answers the call and plays a recording based on the time of day. The recording is basically and audio FAQ that tells the caller about our subscription rates, the things that we can recycle, etc. If the caller wants to leave a message at the end of the recording, he or she can do so and the mp3 will is immediately passed along to the appropriate folks.

Twilio: What programming language(s) did you use?  How long did it take?

Ryan: I used PHP, and it ended up being about 20 lines of code.  All in all it took about 30 minutes to setup, including the time it took to record our audio.

Twilio: If you had all the free time in the world, what would you build with Twilio?

Ryan: Given that I’m in medical school, I have almost zero free time – so I try not to torture myself wondering what I would do with unlimited time! That said, my brother is a Senator in the great state of Tennessee and I would probably work with him to build an app for politicians.

Learn More About Valley Curbside Recycling

As they explain on the website, this is how Curbside Valley Recycling works:

We’re a small, local company so we’re keeping it simple. We don’t have
big fancy trucks or a team of folks picking up recycling. We have one
man and one van. Each week the man gets in the van, drives to select neighborhoods in Christiansburg, and picks up your recycling.

Ryan Stewart also made this video, explaining what they can take. If you’re living in the Christiansburg, VA area you can enroll now to recycle with these guys!

Ryan Stewart Explains What Can Currently Be Recycled

Ryan, your Twilio t-shirt is on its way!  By the way, great use of video on your website.