Phone In Your Facebook Status with Call My Wall

Yesterday we announced Dennis Palmer’s Cloud Call Me Facebook application, which enables Facebook friends to call each other with the click of a button, as the winner of the Twilio + Windows Azure contest category of our Netbook Mondays developer contest.  In keeping with the Facebook app theme, I’m excited to share another one with you today.

Introducing CallMyWall, by John O’Brien

Call-my-wall-image What does CallMyWall do?

CallMyWall is a simple FB / Twilio app that allows users to call in their Facebook status. First, they login to the FB app, provide us with their phone number (mapped to their FB ID) and also grant us the permission to post to their newsfeed.

Then they are provided our special phone number that they call. We lookup the caller id when they phone in, match to their FB account, they record a message, and we publish a link to the voice status on their stream.

How long did it take to build?

In about 3.5 hours on Sunday night I went from nothing to prototype, moved to production over a 1.5 period on Monday night and tightened up a little revenue model… all in all about 5 hours… and
1 hour of that was troubleshoot a simple FB library issue that was totally MY FAULT… bottom line….”super fast”

What technologies did you use to build CallMyWall?

All PHP and MYSQL… using Twilio PHP API (and TwimL) and FB PHP API (and FBML)…

How did you discover Twilio?

Discovered twilio from a tweet from the most awesome Dave Mcclure…
and of course, if Dave Mcclure mentions it you gotta go check it out
(especially when he mentioned a little about 2600 types – > which
caught my eye…) . The link was to your job postings on LinkedIn. They
also caught my attention (some of the best job postings I have ever
seen and if I lived in the area I would apply).  Then to the website..
and I said “wow…” – this is COOL…

If you had all the time in the world, what would you build with Twilio?

I am not sure yet… a friend is already writing requirements for a SalesForce integration, and I am continually thinking of ideas… but not 100% sure yet… ;-)

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