Windows Azure + Twilio Example App: Rosetta Phone by Kevin Leneway

WinAzure_h_rgbIn this guest post, Windows Azure evangelist Kevin Leneway demonstrates the simplicity and power of the Twilio API combined with the Azure platform.  Kevin is also the author of the AStartupaDay blog.  You might remember another “get the girl” use case from the Azure team earlier this summer, when Steve Marx published the CIA Pickup app and we blogged about his creative use of Twilio.

Kevin-leneway Hello, my name is Kevin Leneway and I work at Microsoft as a Windows Azure community evangelist.  I’m a huge fan of Twilio and it’s great to see that this week’s netbook contest is focused on Twilio apps built on Windows Azure.

A few weeks back I put together a fun little application called Rosetta Phone using Twilio and Windows Azure. The idea of the application is to turn any ordinary phone into a translation device.  To see this app in action, check out this quick video demonstration:

Good luck with the contest, and feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Building Something with Azure & Twilio?

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