Join the Twilio Developers Network on LinkedIn

linkedin-twilio-developers-networkLinkedIn is a powerful cross between social networking and professional tools, and we’ve decided to utilize it to help Twilio developers connect with each other professionally, access resources, and find new projects to work on.

Introducing the LinkedIn Twilio Developers Network

What You’ll Find on the Twilio Developers Network

  • listings of freelance work and job postings specifically seeking Twilio developers
  • other Twilio developers to connect with
  • updates from the company about newly launched applications
  • a place to promote what you have created with Twilio
  • subgroups for language and use case specific discussions

Often we are contacted by business people who have found our website but don’t have the time or skills to code their projects themselves, and we’re turning to you to help them get to the next step; and that’s a win for them, you, and us!