RentShout uses call tracking to help rental marketers capture phone leads

RentShout is a rental marketing service that provides a distribution platform for placing property listings on multiple websites, video portals, search directories, and other places online.  When we heard they launched a new feature last month using Twilio for call tracking, we got in touch with Misty Lackie, CEO of Go Smart Solutions, creators of Rent Shout, to learn more.

How Call Tracking Works With RentShout

As they explain on their website:

Each rental ad gets a unique phone number which is displayed on the
rental ad web page, as well as all of the directories the ad is posted
to in the RentShout network. When an interested renter calls the phone
number displayed, the call is forwarded directly to the property
manager or contact person for the rental unit.

This instant-forwarding
method enables the lead to connect with the right person in real time,
increasing the chances of turning the lead into a lease. For tracking
and convenience, all phone leads are also saved in the members’ message
center on the RentShout website.

Tracking Calls, Not Clicks

We’ve seen an increasing number of developers approach Twilio with use cases designed for marrying new technology with industries whose business processes are deeply tied to the real-time nature and personal touch of telephone calls.  With call tracking, a phone call can be treated like the click of a link on a website, with analytics around this behavior helping marketers and web developers optimize their content and call-to-action to generate more leads.

“Even in this digital age, inbound phone calls account for the majority
of lead contact in the rental industry,”
said Misty Lackie, CEO at Go
Smart Solutions, LLC, creators of RentShout. “It was important for us
to provide our clients with easy access to track and capture leads
coming from this channel, allowing them to better assess their overall

Mistly Lackie on Developing with Twilio

How did you discover Twilio? 

Through you actually on Twitter.

What technologies did you use to build RentShout (languages, other APIs, etc.)? 

PHP, Ajax, XML and a bunch of other server based software for the video creation/conversion

How long did it take to implement Twilio call tracking in RentShout? 

Once we started it took about 3 weeks

Do you have any feedback for us on using the Twilio API, or suggestions for other developers?

You have a really easy to use API system that I believe most developers will find very friendly.  Your support is also outstanding.  Your team even responded back to one of our questions with a specific code sample.

If you had all the time in the world, what would you build with Twilio?

I can’t say because even though we don’t have all the time in the world, we still plan on building it.  Don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon. :)

Do you have a Twilio story to tell?

Have you built something using Twilio that you’d like to share with the readers of our blog and Twilio developer community as a whole?  Email us at with information about your company, product, and/or project and we’ll see what we can do.  Thanks!

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